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Parenting beyond Academics ™

Parenting Beyond Academics

6 parenting workshops, that focus on the Parent-Child relationship with a different & inspiring perspective

Parents will be equipped with the skills & knowledge to guide children's learning development with a positive & creative approach.

Join us if you are a parent with children aged 4 years to 8 years

Knowing the learning style of your child helps in coaching & bonding

Learn to identify the various Learning Styles of children & how to motivate them.

PSLE questions focus on concept application.  There are several ways in which parents are able to activate the inquiring minds to learn fun mathematical concepts at home. 

Learn ‘the what’s’ & ‘the how’s’ to ignite your children’s understanding of mathematics.

Art has No Rule. Art connects minds & hearts. Connect & Bond through canvas painting & puppet making. 

Your child & you will enjoy 3 hours of quality time in this workshop!

Why does my child not read? How to guide my child to read? If these are your questions, this workshop will help.

Learn reading techniques that you can practise to help your child develop the love for reading.

What is an inquiry-based learning approach? 

How does an inquiry-based learning approach prepare your child for Primary School? 

This workshop will address the Myths & Facts of an Inquiry-based Learning Approach & equip parents with the basics.

The Xtended Club ™

The Extended Family Programs

5 specially developed workshops that focus on Strengthening the Hearts & Minds of Families

When you know how & why children behave the way they do, you will be able to handle them positively. The Xtended Club™ workshops focus on Strengthening the Hearts & Minds of Families.

Especially for Parents, Grandparents, Care Givers & Domestic Helpers with young children

Every child is born with a Unique Temperament & Character.

Understand temperaments & discover effective ways to enhance your communication skills. Learn the gifts we can give to the children to build their Social Competence for their future.

Every child is Unique & have different Learning Styles.

Understand the Fundamentals of Child Development & view children from their perspective.

Art touches the core of our Hearts & Soul.

Spend guided Quality Time  through painting & drawing.

Reflect & Feel the unseen within yourselves.

Build a Little Dream by spending Quality Time with yourselves.

Imagine the Impossible & bring it to life in a glass wonder.

Child upbringing methods have evolved over the decades. Knowing the relevant aspects of child upbringing helps to understand how today’s parents think & function.

Participants can share experiences & anxieties on areas of child discipline & teaching through discussions & games.

InQuest! ™

Inquest - Youth Leadership Program

3 youth leadership programs specially designed for Aspiring Minds

Inquest aims to spark the interests in Leadership and provide a fundamental understanding of what Leadership entails.

progressive Upper primary program designed for Aspiring Minds aged 10 to 12 years

At the end of this program, the students will

  • Discover the qualities of a good leader
  • Understand that good leadership begins with self
  • Learn to build a positive mindset
  • Use their strengths to help and add value to others

Everyone is a leader in their own way.

  • What are the characteristics of a good leader?
  • What are the ways to level up our leadership qualities?
  • How do we use our leadership qualities to help and enable others?

Our personal values and beliefs influence the way we behave and lead others.

  • Why are values important in leadership?
  • How does being aware of our values and feelings make us better leaders
  • What can we do to increase the value of others?

Change leaders take actions to create positive change in themselves and the community.

  • What does a change leader do?
  • What are the ways to create positive change in ourselves?
  • How can we help others to cope with change?

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