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“Growing up in a single-parent family opened up my eyes and heart to those who have the potential to do more for themselves and others but are limited by life circumstances. Everyone deserves a good headstart in life, regardless of their status or where they come from. We want to provide the best for the people who share their lives with us, so that they too are capable of giving the best to others and the society.”           

                                     – Daphne Yip

“We should not step out of our comfort zone because if we do, we will remain in a perpetual zone of discomfort. We should, however, continuously widen our comfort zone so we can be surrounded by an ever-increasing Zone of Comfort.

Life is meant to be Joyful. Without Comfort there is no Joy.”

                                     –  Ray G.

“I am a mother by NATURE and I believe every child deserves a bright FUTURE. I am an Educator for all ages by PROFESSION and PASSION. I believe every Child, Youth and Adult is capable of enhancing and uplifting CREATION.

That is what drives me. That is also what drives SYNDESI.”

                                     – Daphne Yip 

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Daphne Yip

Founder | Trainer
Curriculum Developer

Daphne, is a Driven & Passionate Educator who has been educating children and adults since 1998. For the past 2 decades, Daphne has been teaching, training, lecturing & developing meaningful curriculum

Daphne started her work life as an Assistant Teacher back in the late ’90s as a fresh Poly Graduate. An addict of Education, Daphne never ceased upgrading & equipping herself. While studying part-time, she worked her way up as Management in the Early Childhood Education Industry.

As a very hands-on People Developer, Daphne is a skilled Curriculum Developer & Leadership Trainer who is not only familiar & well respected among the Singapore ECE Practitioners but also among the Foreign ECE Professionals.

Daphne has created a significant impact in the lives of ECE Professionals, not just here in Singapore but in the region as well. Daphne has a vault full of invaluable experience gained in Melbourne (Australia), Shenyang (China), Guangzhou (China), Xi’an (China) & Boston (USA).

Daphne is currently an Adjunct Lecturer at the Ngee Ann Polytechnica Freelance Trainer & a Full Time Entrepreneur, devoting her time building up Syndesi LLP.

Staying true to her Vision & Mission in Life, Daphne is  Passionate Purposeful. Daphne is driven by her Calling to set up an Establishment to Develop People. People of all Age, People of all Backgrounds & People of all Communities.

Married to Co-Founder Ray since 2000, they both have 2 amazing children, Samuel & Samantha. Daphne is a Beautiful Wife & a Loving Mother. Daphne nurtured her Purposeful Passion for close to 5 years letting it simmer & ferment as she juggled Career & Family.

In late 2019, Daphne Co-Founded Syndesi LLP together with her spouse Ray G. Together, they are on a Passionate Purpose to Empower & Inspire all who are willing to Re-invent themselves toward a Life of Significance.


Ray  G.

Founder | Trainer
Solutions Strategist

Ray is an open book with a wealth of information and has many pages that are constantly being re-written. Always willing to share & learn, there is never a dull moment when speaking with Ray. Passionate & Purposeful, Ray has a Never say Never attitude.

Ray is constantly Innovating & Reinventing himself. He believes in Life-Long Learning. Education & Self Improvement are the pillars to a Significant Life he says.

Ray started his career in the Finance Industry as a Banker with DBS Singapore in the early 90’s. A Risk taker with an Adventurous Spirit, Ray left the bank after a decade as an employee, to explore the business opportunities as a Self-Starter.

Having a Natural flair for Sales & Marketing. Ray has valuable Experiences in, Advertising & Marketing, Finance, Real Estate, Food & Beverage, Education & the Entertainment IndustriesAs a Team Player, Ray has had pivotal roles in several start ups not just in Singapore but in Shenyang (China), Guangzhou (China) & Hsinchu (Taiwan).

During the past 3 decades, Ray has recruited, trained & set up high performance Sales & Marketing teams in, DBS SingaporeERA Singapore, Far East Organization (Singapore) & AIA Singapore.

As a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, Ray is constantly thinking & learning. Constantly exploring new Opportunities, Ray is a strong advocate of Self-Reinvention.

Married to Co-Founder Daphne Yip, Ray is a Loving Husband & a Devoted Father of two. Ray is an Ambivet with an Eye for DetailsRay is a Dreamer, a Natural Sales Professionala Trader & a Keen Analyst of Information & Data.

Together, Daphne & Ray are armed with a Wealth of Experience to share their Passionate Purpose to Empower & Inspire all who are willing to Reinvent themselves toward a Life of Significance.

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