we believe learning & education is about

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Igniting Passion


Discovering Purpose

We are Passionate

about a Life of Significance that extends beyond the pursuit of Academic Excellence

Holistic Education Providers

What Drives Us?


Our Vision

To Inspire every Child, Youth & Adult to see Greatness from Within & become a Significant & Positive Impact on Communities.

Our Mission

To be the leading provider of Quality & Affordable Learning Experiences & Services that Empower every Child, Youth & Adult to Live a Life of Significance.

PRAISE... our Values

The ‘P’ in PRAISE stands for Practical Approach toward Life. 

A Practical Approach toward Life emphasizes Experiential Learning, allowing you to maintain your own outlook toward Life.

We believe, Practical Living is the key to Creative & Critical Thinking, which is highly valued in today’s economy.

The ‘R’ in PRAISE stands for Respect Self & All.

Being Respectful toward Yourself (Self-Respect) is often taken for granted.

We believe Self-Respect matters most for Gainful Employment, Kicking Bad Habits & a Joyful Life.

The ‘A’ in PRAISE stands for Authentic Lifestyle.

Your Orientation toward Life guides your Conduct & Lifestyle.

You will live an Authentic Lifestyle when your Actions & Words are Congruent with your Belief & Values.

We believe & Value you as an Individual, meant to be Unique & Distinctive.

The ‘I’ in PRAISE stands for being Innovative. You are on a Unique Journey to Make a Difference. You can effectively Compel & Encourage others to embrace Innovation. We believe everyone can Inspire Innovation. You already have it in you.

The ‘S’ in PRAISE stands for Significance.

Be prepared, seize the Right Opportunities, Be with the Right People, Pray for Guidance, Have Character, Resist Revenge, Fight Discouragement, Show Kindness, Make the Right Choices, Hold on to the Right Principles & Pass them On! 

We believe Success alone will never be satisfying. With Significance, Life becomes meaningful.

The ‘E’ in PRAISE stands for being Empowered.

You are the Only One with Power & Authority to make choices that turn your Dreams into Realities. You alone decide how much Time, Energy, Effort & Resources are invested in the Pursuit of your Dreams.

We believe Personal Empowerment is an Attitude of Mind based on Confidence, Integrity & Resilience. It is a Healthy Self-Mastery.

At Syndesi, we adopt the Authentic Learning Approach in planning & facilitating all programs. Hence you will be able to apply what you learn, at work & in your personal lives.

At Syndesi, We Care because YOU Matter.

Our programs are designed to Inspire & Empower. We believe everyone is capable of Enhancing & Uplifting Creation.

The Syndesi Experience

Let's Create Awesome Projects Together

we add value to work, life & play...

Curriculum Development & Design

we work with schools to create curricula for Early Years, Financial Awareness & Inquiry-Based Learning Programs...

EC Educators' Professional T&D

we partner Early Childhood Education Practitioners in Singapore & the Region to provide bi-lingual workshops & programs...

Parent & Family

we join hands with parents & the extended family to share the skills & knowledge to bring forth Different & Inspiring Perspectives...

Youth & Children

we provide a wide range of Holistic & Progressive Learning workshops & programs from the early years to 12 years of age...

School Holiday Camp

we organize annual events that promote family bonding & learning through Holiday Camps that are planned for both adults & children...


we are passionate & intentional about Strengthening the Hearts & Minds of Families & The Next Generation through various initiatives...

Curriculum Design & Development, the Syndesi way...

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